Stand Up Sundays

You can make the difference on-the- ground – in your own city!

It’s time to get off the sidelines, to hold our politicians accountable and to refresh America!

Statistics show that every other member of your church is not even registered to vote. More surprisingly, of the remainder that are registered to vote only 1/2 of them vote at election time! Is it any surprise that our nation finds itself in the midst of moral and economic chaos?

Stand Up Sunday Steps:

  1. Honor Christian Citizenship in your church for three consecutive weeks.
  2. Invite people in the church who are already registered to vote to STAND UP.
    As citizens we should honor those who exercise their fundamental freedom to vote!
  3. Distribute voter registration cards to those who are seated.

  4. Pastor or chosen layperson will lead the people to complete a voter registration card.
    It would be best to take action right during the service!
  5. Pray a blessing and thanksgiving over those who already express their Christian citizenship, by registering and voting in every election. Pray for a new wave of Christian citizenship to flow from the pews of the church and into the voting booth.
    Our culture depends upon our civic participation.
  6. Collect the voter registration cards and send them to your state registrar.

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Rob McCoy, pastor at Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, CA, endorses Pulpit Freedom Sunday. Click on the image to watch this 45 seconds of encouragement.