Our Kairos Moment

Welcome to our "kairos" (In New Testament Greek kairos means "the appointed time in the purpose of God," the time when God acts), Bible readers in America must begin to act to recall our heritage and thereby refresh our culture.

Politically -- politicians will never respect our policies, our marches, our sermons or our press conferences without a show of political strength. America’s pastors leading their flocks and encouraging them into the voting booth -- to remove politicians who have a "tin ear" on our issues -- is the only "love language" politicians can hear.

Spiritually -- "Our spiritual enemies will not long leave us in peace; nevertheless, they are a blessing in disguise if they drive us to our knees. Very few souls thrive as well in times of prosperity as they do in seasons of adversity. Winters' frosts may necessitate warmer clothes, but they also kill the flies and garden pests." A.W. Pink, The Life of David

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